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Chemicals Knowledge

Food Additives (E-Number List 6)-Others

25/09/2016    source£º    Author£º  Viewed£º3662

Acid, acidity regulators, anti-caking agents, anti-foaming agents, bulking agents, carriers and carrier solvents,
emulsifying salts, firming agents, flavour enhancers, flour treatment agents, foaming agents, glazing agents,
humectants, modified starches, packaging gases, propellants, raising agents and sequestrants.


E 170  Calcium carbonates
          (i) Calcium carbonate
          (ii) Calcium hydrogen carbonate
E 260  Acetic acid
E 261  Potassium acetate
E 262  Sodium acetate
E 263  Calcium acetate
E 270  Lactic acid
E 290  Carbon dioxide
E 296  Malic acid
E 297  Fumaric acid
E 325  Sodium lactate
E 326  Potassium lactate
E 327  Calcium lactate
E 330  Citric acid
E 331  Sodium citrates
           (i) Monosodium citrate
           (ii) Disodium citrate
           (iii) Trisodium citrate
E 332  Potassium citrates
           (i) Monopotassium citrate
           (ii) Tripotassium citrate
E 333  Calcium citrates
           (i) Monocalcium citrate
           (ii) Dicalcium citrate
           (iii) Tricalcium citrate
E 334  Tartaric acid (L(+)-)
E 335  Sodium tartrates
          (i) Monosodium tartrate
          (ii) Disodium Tartrates
E 336  Potassium tartrates
          (i) Monopotassium tartrate
          (ii) Dipotassium tartrate
E 337 Sodium potassium tartrate
E 338  Phosphoric acid
E 339   Sodium phosphates
           (i) Monosodium phosphate
          (ii) Disodium phosphate
          (iii) Trisodium phosphate
E 340  Potassium phosphates
          (i) Monopotassium phosphate
          (ii) Dipotassium phosphate
          (ii) Dipotassium phosphate
E 341  Calcium phosphates
          (i) Monocalcium phosphate
          (ii) Dicalcium phosphate
          (iii) Tricalcium phosphate
E 343  Magnesium phosphates
          (i) Monomagnesium phosphate
          (ii) Dimagnesium phosphate
E 350  Sodium malates
          (i) Sodium malate
          (ii) Sodium hydrogen malate
E 351  Potassium malate
E 352  Calcium malates
          (i) Calcium malate
          (ii) Calcium hydrogen malate
E 353  Metatartaric acid
E 354  Calcium tartrate
E 355  Adipic acid
E 356  Sodium adipate
E 357  Potassium adipate
E 363  Succinic acid

E 380  Triammonium citrate
E 385  Calcium disodium ethylene diamine tetra-acetate (calcium disodium EDTA)
E 422  Glycerol
E 431  Polyoxyethylene (40) stearate
E 450   Diphosphates
           (i) Disodium diphosphate
           (ii) Trisodium diphosphate
           (iii)Tetrasodium diphosphate
           (v) Tetrapotassium diphosphate
           (vi) Dicalcium diphosphate
           (vii) Calcium dihydrogen diphosphate

 E 451  Triphosphates
            (i) Pentasodium triphosphate
            (ii) Pentapotassium triphosphate
E 452    Polyphosphates
            (i) Sodium polyphosphate
            (ii) Potassium polyphosphate
            (iii) Sodium calcium polyphosphate
            (iv) Calcium polyphosphate
E 459     Beta-Cyclodextrine
E 479 b  Thermally oxidized soya bean oil interacted with mono and diglicerides of fatty acids
E 500    Sodium carbonates

            (i) Sodium carbonate
            (ii) Sodium hydrogen carbonate
            (iii) Sodium sesquicarbonate
E 501     Potassium carbonates
             (i) Potassium carbonate
             (ii) Potassium hydrogen carbonate
E 503    Ammonium carbonates
            (i) Ammonium carbonate
            (ii) Ammonium hydrogen carbonate
E 504    Magnesium carbonates
            (i) Magnesium carbonate
            (ii) Magnesium hydroxide carbonate
E 507  Hydrochloric acid
E 508  Potassium chloride
E 509  Calcium chloride
E 511  Magnesium chloride
E 512  Stannous chloride
E 513  Sulphuric acid
E 514  Sodium sulphates
          (i) Sodium sulphate
          (ii) Sodium hydrogen sulphate
E 515  Potassium sulphates
          (i) Potassium sulphate
          (ii) Potassium hydrogen sulphate
E 516  Calcium sulphate
E 517  Ammonium sulphate
E 520  Aluminium sulphate
E 521  Aluminium sodium sulphate
E 522  Aluminium potasssium sulphate
E 523  Aluminium ammonium sulphate
E 524      Sodium hydroxide
E 525      Potassium hydroxide
E 526      Calcium hydroxide
E 527      Ammonium hydroxide
E 528      Magnesium hydroxide
E 529      Calcium oxide
E 530      Magnesium oxide
E 535      Sodium ferrocyanide
E 536      Potassium ferrocyanide
E 538     Calcium ferrocyanide
E 541      Sodium aluminium phosphate, acidic
E 551     Silicon dioxide
E 552     Calcium silicate
E 553  a  Magnesium silicates

             (i) Magnesium silicate
             (ii) Magnesium trisilicate
E 553 b Talc
E 554     Sodium aluminium silicate
E 555     Potassium aluminium silicate

 E 556 Calcium aluminium silicate
E 558 Bentonite
E 559 Aluminium silicate (Kaolin)
E 570 Fatty acids
E 574 Gluconic acid
E 575 Glucono-delta-lactone
E 576 Sodium gluconate
E 577 Potassium gluconate
E 578 Calcium gluconate
E 579 Ferrous gluconate
E 585 Ferrous lactate
E 620 Glutamic acid
E 621 Monosodium glutamate
E 622 Monopotassium glutamate
E 623 Calcium diglutamate
E 624 Monoammonium glutamate
E 625 Magnesium diglutamate
E 626 Guanylic acid
E 627 Disodium guanylate
E 628 Dipotassium guanylate
E 629 Calcium guanylate
E 630 Inosinic acid
E 631 Disodium inosinate
E 632 Dipotassium inosinate
E 633 Calcium inosinate
E 634 Calcium 5'-ribonucleotides
E 635 Disodium 5'-ribonucleotides
E 640 Glycine and its sodium salt
E 650 Zinc Acetate
E 900 Dimethyl polysiloxane
E 901 Bees wax, white and yellow
E 902 Candelilla wax
E 903 Carnauba wax
E 904 Shellac
E 905 Microcrystalline wax
E 912 Montan acid esters
E 914 Oxidized polyethylene wax
E 920 L-Cysteine (may be used only as a flour treatment agent)
E 927 b Carbamide
E 938 Argon
E 939 Helium
E 941 Nitrogen
E 942 Nitrous oxide
E 943 a Butane
E 943 b Iso-Butane
E 944 Propane
E 948 Oxygen
E 949 Hydrogen
E 999 Quillaia extract
E 1200 Polydextrose
E 1201 Polyvinylpyrrolidone
E 1202 Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone
E 1404 Oxidized starch
E 1410 Monostarch phosphate
E 1412 Distarch phosphate
E 1413 Phosphated distarch phosphate
E 1414 Acetylated distarch phosphate
E 1420 Acetylated starch
E 1422 Acetylated distarch adipate
E 1440 Hydroxy propyl starch
E 1442 Hydroxy propyl distarch phosphate
E 1450 Starch sodium octenyl succinate
E 1451 Acetylated oxidized starch
E 1505 Triethyl citrate
E 1518 Glyceryl triacetate (triacetin)
E 1520 Propylene glycol