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*** Note: All the pictures of our products description at this website are original taken from our work process.

Raw Organic Chemicals

CAS No:64-18-6  Products No:3009  ENICES No:200-579-1  RTECS No:LQ4900000

Product No.3009, Formic Acid, purity 85%min, Excellent industrial grade. Packed by 1200kg IBC Tank,25kg,35kg,50kg,100kg,250kg plastic drums. Shipment time: about 15days after payment....

CAS No:527-07-1  Products No:3038  ENICES No:208-407-7  RTECS No:LZ5235000

Purity: 99%min, White crystal,Food additives or industrial grade, excellent quality. Packed by woven white or brown colour kraft multi-paper bags or by woven PP bags. ...
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