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Ground calcium carbonate (GCC) for Rubber
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Calcium Carbonate for Rubber:

According to the need for different particle size requirements of :
Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) , also named as Heavy Calcium Carbonate, (China Standard: HG/T 3249-2001, Heavy Calcium Carbonate and Actived Heavy Calcium Carbonate for industrial use.)
 (China Standard: HG/T 3249-2013 Heavy Calcium Carbonate for industrial use. )
Standard HG/T 3249-2013 is seperated as:
i) HG/T3249.1-2013 For papermaking industrial use;
ii) HG/T3249.2-2013 for paint and coating industrial use;
iii) HG/T3249.3-2013 for plastic industrial use;
iv) HG/T3249.4-2013 for rubber industrial use.
According to high fineness of particle size, we call as Ultrafine Ground Calcium Carbonate, or, Nano-calcium carbonate (NGCC); (China Standard: GB/T 19590-2004)


iii) For Rubber:

Fine ground carbonates are used in a wide range of rubber applications as high loading extenders, improving rheological properties and processability of the compounds with little or no impact on the hardness or other mechanical properties. Surface treated grades can be used to ease handling and improve its dispersion within the compound. Precipitated and ultrafine calcium carbonates can also provide a certain level of reinforcement.
Carbonates are also utilized for low permanent set performing rubber goods and can be used in clear or black compounds, sometimes alone (mainly in natural rubber), and often in combination with Carbon Black or Silica.
In tire sidewall and liners, carbonates are used as extenders. They can be also used in seals & gaskets as a neutral extender, helping to maintain the compression set performances.
Carbonates are also chosen as extenders for many applications such as footwear and flooring because of their whiteness, which can be used in both clear and colored compounds; it can  be utilized as tackifier when added on the surface of finished or semi-finished rubbers; It can also be specially recommended in natural latex gloves where they can improve mechanical, thermal and ageing properties while providing reinforcement.
In car sealings, surface treated carbonates are widely used for their extrudability and surface finish enhancement, particularly in grades specially engineered for low moisture.
Cable insulations and cable sheaths utilize carbonates for their natural electrical insulation characteristics.


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