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Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC)
1327-41-9 (Basic)
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215-477-2 (Basic)
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Poly Aluminum Chloride; PAC; Polyaluminum Chloride; Polyaluminum chlorohydrate; PAC; Polyaluminum hydroxychloride;
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Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC)

1). Appearance:
Orange yellow color or light yellow crystal.

2).Technical Standards
First Grade
Crystal alumina (AlCl3.6H2O), 95.0%min
Iron (Fe), 0.10%max
Water Insoluble matter, 0.10%max
PH Value (1% water solution), 2.5min
Arsenic (As), 0.0005%max
Plumbum (Pb), 0.002%max
Cadmium (Cd), 0.0005%max
Hydrargyrum (Hg), 0.00001%max
Hexad Chromium (Cr+6), 0.0005%max

3) Properties:
Anhydrous crystal, cubic system. The industrial grade is white or light yellow.

4) Usage:
Used as water treatment include hardener, precipitator, coagulant, or used in wood aseptic, the making of Al(OH)3, catalyst, separating agent, wool refine, dye and medicine.


For water Treatment:

Flocculants are used in water treatment. The addition of flocculants to raw water causes colloids and other suspended particles to stick together and form heavier particles (floc) which will be removed by the sedimentation or filterability.

PAC is also used in reducing the need of pH adjustment and is often employed in the place where the pH of the receiving stream is higher than 7.5. PAC is also used in the pulp (or paper) industry as a size bonding agent, drainage work aid and surface trash scavenger.  


5) Packing:
As 25/50kg PP weave bag with PE film inner.



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